Association of UK Course MeasurersAssociation of UK Course Measurers

Aim and Functions

The Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM) maintains a system for the measurement and certification of road running courses in the UK. The Association was formed in January 2010 to give a more formal structure to the work carried out for the previous 20 years by the UK Course Measurement Working Party. The Association works closely with, but is independent of, governing bodies and other organisations concerned with road running. AUKCM will enter into agreements to certify courses on behalf of bodies which have rules regarding the measurement and certification of their courses.

The activities of the Association are funded by a modest Measurement Registration Fee paid to AUKCM for each measurement (commencing 1 January 2016). There is a separate charge paid direct to the measurer for the costs of the measurement. Details of both can be found in the Reference Documents section.


Membership of AUKCM is open to all qualified course measurers in the UK. Contact details for currently active measurers are available on the UK Course Measurement website. Measurers operate as independent agents, working directly for the race director, and submit measurement reports to the Area Course Measurement Secretary for certification.

Course Measurement Working Party

Management of the Association is vested in a Committee elected from the membership, known as the 'Course Measurement Working Party' (CMWP). Voting members of the CMWP include the Chairman, the 6 Area Course Measurement Secretaries and other elected or co-opted members. Non-voting members of the CMWP serve by invitation, and need not be members of the Association. They include representatives of governing bodies.

Area Course Measurement Secretaries

Day to day administration of course measurement in the UK is carried out by 6 Area Course Measurement Secretaries (ACMS). ACMS contact details are available on the UK Course Measurement website. In addition to administering the certification system, they recruit and train new measurers and are available to advise race directors and other officials on measurement matters.

UK Course Measurement Website

The Association maintains the UK Course Measurement website as the primary source of information on course measurement and certification in the UK. The website gives easy access to lists of measured courses and the location and contact details for measurers, and has sections giving general advice and information for race directors and runners. There is also an online theory training course for prospective measurers. For England and Wales, race directors can renew Certificates of Course Accuracy online. We hope that this facility will be extended to Scotland and Northern Ireland in the future.